Margo & Matt

Ok. This is my first and probably last post in English. Let's hope it's better than my spoken English, though I think it was not that bad after all. I got myself understood most of the times and I had not many problems (yes, I had some) understanding Matt and Margo.

That's it. I spent most of the weekend, except for huge sleeping times and brief TV sessions with two friends of Oscar and Geno that came from L.A.: a beautiful girl called Margo and a nice guy called Matt. It's not that she's not nice and he's not beautiful, from a woman standpoint, but I think the other way is probable more appropiate as a compliment. I know they know what I mean.

We were —when I was with the four of them, because their schedule with Geno and Oscar was much more intense — having party at Cormoran (amazing, isn't it?), having some Orchata at Daniel (I knew Matt wanted more fartons when I asked for my second one... I could really read it in his eyes) and having a Guiness at Sally O'Brien, among other things. I really hope they enjoyed Valencia (I'm pretty sure about that) and they come back sometime in the future. Oh, and partying until 7am, being guiris :), and after the stressing week they've probably had was pretty impressive. Nice to meet you, really.

That makes me think I should meet Toma in France. No doubt at all about that, really.